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Apples are one of the many fruits I can’t eat raw, so I no longer get to enjoy biting into a juicy New York State gem when it’s apple picking season in these parts, and that, friends, is a durn shame. Cuz there are some mighty fine apples grown in these parts.

Apples fall into the same category as stone fruits (and strangely, pears) that make my mouth itch if eaten fresh. If they’re canned or cooked I’m good to go. So applesauce is safe, as is anything packed in syrup, juice or in pie form (Mmm. Pie.). It’s something called pollen-food syndrome. Whatever. I’m just glad there’s a workaround for these, unlike the ridiculous list of foods I can’t consume due to other issues (I’m looking at you, The GERD).

Anyhoodles, I used to love eating dehydrated apples as a kid, and as much as I enjoyed those, trying these a few months back was life changing:

But expensive.

So I decided to look into making my own. Turns out it’s simple! Well, mostly.

First, there’s just one ingredient:  Apples! So choose your favorite, flavorful variety (read: most anything except Red Delicious, which are anything but delicious. I call them erasers, because they taste like what I imagine gnawing on a pencil eraser would.) Wash them, dry them, core them, and tell them they are about to take yummy to a Whole. Nuvva. Level.

Second, you need to slice them about 1/8 of an inch thick (a mandolin slicer works really well for the job), and place them in a single layer on parchment paper in a 225 degree oven.

They bake for an hour and a half, flip like a bikini babe on the beach, then bake for another hour. Zero SPF needed here, but if you’re a fan of sprinkling, dust them with a kiss of cinnamon before baking. I prefer mine plain, because they’re scrumptch au naturale.

Full disclosure: there was a bit of trial and error involved.

Here is a before and after photo of my first attempt:

Not so great. Well, they started out great, but I kept returning them to the oven until they eventually morphed into crispy critters.


This was because I checked them and could NOT figure out why they weren’t crisping up in the oven. I didn’t realize they would firm up and get crispy once you took them out.

Behold the second attempt:


Delish! I did have to toss them back in one last time at about 200 degrees for a few minutes (after they cooled down and didn’t all seem firm) to get all of them to a crunchy state.

I think it depends on how thick your slices are and possibly the temperament of your oven or the phase of the moon, maybe. I dunno. Try it for yourself and let me know if you love them as much as I do!


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