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No, we didn’t fill our house with dogs. Yes, I’d like to. Well, minus the vet bills and food bills and the whole cleaning up the yard nonsense. Oh, and the thrice daily vacuuming, because OMG–house full of dogs.

But I’d still like to.

Because dogs are awesome.

And nicer than many people I’ve met.

So utterly uplifting, in fact, I firmly believe this should be a form of therapy that’s endorsed and covered by health insurance companies:

Puppy breath!

Nothing beats a pile of puppies!


Now that I think about it, I guess  pile of baby elephants would be right up there, too, but you really wouldn’t want to be caught at the bottom of that pile, would you? That would cure the blues in a whole different way. It would basically end all your woes by ending you, which isn’t usually the best way to get happy. Plus, no puppy breath.

pile of elephants

Extremely cute. And a teensy bit painful looking for the poor guy on the bottom of the pile.


No new dogs here (yet), but I’m imagining what kind of canines we’d all be if the people in our house were four-legged and furry. Just for the record, I don’t sit around wondering what kinds of canines we’d all be while I’m waiting for my organic toaster pastry to toast.

Oh, who am I kidding? I don’t ever bother to toast them.

Mama Kat came up with this as a writing prompt, and it got the wheels a turnin’ this week:

5.) If your family were dogs, what breed would each of them be?

I think Mr. Wombat would be a Great Dane. He has a hearty appetite, lanky limbs and is an affectionate type who lumbers up and down stairs with the grace of a… well, without a great deal of grace, I guess. I think a lot of Great Danes are gentle giants who just want to curl up with you on the couch. Or sometimes have the couch to themselves so they can snore through enjoy several episodes of “How it’s Made” on Netflix. Because dogs find that stuff fascinating.

Mister Man might be best described as a sweet Golden Retriever. He’s friendly, chatty, and has golden, shaggy locks. Just does his thing and tries not to make waves. Pretty darn agreeable. And huggable.

The Girly might be more of a Saluki. Slight in stature, but not in personality. Long locks trailing behind her as she runs. This description of their personality made me chuckle:

These are extremely bright, even-tempered, loyal animals that are affectionate but not overly demonstrative and watchful but not aggressive. They are curious, clever and can be a bit mischievous. Salukis usually are fairly independent and aloof around strangers. They often become attached to one family member and show little interest in the others.

Sounds pretty close. My Girly is not aloof to other family members, but she looooves her mama! I’m a lucky mama to have two sweet dogs–er, kiddos!

What am I? Hard to pick a dog breed when you already consider yourself a wombat. I think I’ll just stick with that!

Feel free to pick a breed for me….


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