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You know that Corningware you use to bake your famous broccoli surprise casserole? We live pretty near the place where it’s made, and they have a wonderful museum for kids of all ages. Actually, kids under 18 are free, I believe, so just the big kids have to pay to get in.

They have demos going all the time about all things glass, there are gorgeous displays and hot glass shows, among other things. We like going there so much, we became members last summer. Of course, the timing of their huge renovations isn’t ideal, as we’ll have let our membership lapse when it is completed. Huh. You’d think they could have consulted us on that.

They have this great program called “You design it, we make it!” People of all ages can turn in these sheets upon arrival and wait to see if your name is called during your visit to let you know your piece was selected. The Girly said she thought she might have heard Mister Man’s name called while we were in the gift shop trolling for things we could never begin to afford treasures, but she wasn’t sure. Here was his drawing:

Mister Man glass drawing


They HAD called his name and they brought his drawing to life! Here’s the finished glass masterpiece in sparkling 3-D realness:

They texturized both sides of the leaves as well as the trunk. Much prettier in person!

They texturized both sides of the leaves as well as the trunk. They made a sand-like base for full effect!


Sadly, we didn’t get to see his piece being made, as we were taking a short break to fill our big maws with yummy food at our favorite supermarket cafe.

At the conclusion of the hot glass show we attended after dinner, they gave away two finished pieces from the previous day’s shows (they need to anneal in the kiln overnight to strengthen the glass). The Girly and I eyeballed all the pieces lined up at the front of the stage, and we both picked pieces we hoped to win. Hers was selected to give away and Mr. Wombat had the winning ticket number! It was a lucky night for the Wombat family, to be sure. Here is the vase The Girly had her eye on:

Lily vase edit


We also made some things while we were there. Mister Wombat created this patriotic ornament:

red white blue ornament edit


The Girly blew all her hot air into this pretty sculpture:

Girly sculpture edit


I had made this nightlight during our previous visit, but the blue piece on the top-right corner fell off when they went to put it in the kiln (and the adjacent yellow line moved). I emailed to ask if they allow do-overs when their kiln people mess up a piece. They said yes, so I did mine over. Here was the original (I think I still like it better):

original nightlight

And the second try:

new nightlight

Mister Man also did some flame work and fired a cool bead. I guess I’ll have to put a picture of that up later, since he’s gone to bed and I don’t want to keep him up digging for it on his dresser.

If you’re ever in New York State, add the Corning Museum of Glass to your tour schedule. It’s fun for the whole family!


Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday!

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Who doesn’t love a good list now and then? Particularly when it’s a list that gets things off one’s chest. It’s like you’re talking to yourself, but your reflection is answering back, telling you “It’s all good, homeslice.” The Whispering Writer at Airing My Dirty Laundry does this too. I’m not sure if her reflection calls her “homeslice” like mine does, but she’s all about the lists, yo. She noticed the nice folks at Glamour were doing this and decided to add it to her weekly lineup. I figure if Glamour mag loves this lists, it must be good. Because, obviously.


Hey, it’s okay:


That I DID, in fact find the time to catch up on my super duper guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I do swear, however, that I can hear brain cells dying each time I tune in to that show.


That my cable company does NOT participate in the Watch ABC app, so I can’t watch the current episode the next day. I’m a full week behind.


That I flipped on last night’s current episode and heard a short blurb about some kind of fatal injury and I have no idea if it was one of the contestants or a relative. I turned the channel VERY quickly, as I’m not one for spoilers (crap, I hope I didn’t just spoil anything for anyone!), and I still have to watch last week’s ep.


That I basically put my fingers in my ears (la la la, I can’t hear you!) and averted my eyes online today because that fatal event was a Yahoo headline. Ack. I’m sure it will show up about 800 more times before next week when I’m able to watch THIS week’s episode that revealed the tragic incident.


To have taken up the first four entries here about my guilty pleasure show. Lame.


To have decided another one of my guilty pleasure shows (Call of the Wildman) is off my watch list, because The Turtle Man and his crew were accused of being unkind to animals. I knew the show was heavily scripted, but they’re messing with nature and little critters who didn’t ask to be written into a show. It was fun when it seemed like the calls he went on were for real. Now that I know a lot of them are staged, I’m out.


To be excited to show you photos tomorrow of Mister Man’s glass creation that the Corning Museum of Glass mailed to us. It finally arrived today!


To feel bad for the 20,000+ people around us who lost power this evening after a ripper of a storm blew through our area.


To be proud of my Girly for playing a 6 on 6 soccer game tonight where they couldn’t have any substitutions. I think the storm kept a lot of kids home (maybe vacations, too). Lots of running!



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Hey It’s Okay Tuesday!

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Swiped this groovy idea from The Whispering Writer at Airing My Dirty Laundry. You write about things you’re totally okay with (or want to be okay with, so you list them for all to see* in an effort to convince yourself). She noticed the nice folks at Glamour were doing this and decided to add it to her weekly lineup. Can’t beat that for fun, right?


Off we go.


Hey, it’s okay:

To love looking at pictures of Hollyweird peeps sans make up. Some of these women could roll out of bed with a drool-smudged chin and bed head and still be stunning. Others look pretty plain Jane when unpainted and might just blend in with the rest of us ordinary folk.

Tyra? Would totes blend in. Also? I’m so glad to see someone who trumps my fivehead:

Tyra Banks



Oh, hold up now. This woman’s gone from a five-headed Carrot Top’s sister to glamourama up in here. Way to work the bangs and lashes, lady:

Kathy Griffin


Get. Out.

This cannot be the same person. Can it?! Never would have guessed:

Sofia Vergara



Kelly girl, you’re cute as a button with or without the eyeliner.

Kelly Clarkson



My dear Mila, thank you. This makes me feel almost as pretty as I do when I stroll through the Kmart. I did NOT expect this sharp a contrast:

Mila Kunis



Whoa! I’m skeered by the before and the after. Just… *shudder*




Miss Amanda, you’re adorbs no matter what. I think some of the ones who really don’t wear a ton of makeup soften that contrast, yes?




Cam, (can I call you Cam?) you look like one of us with your little-to-no make-up face. You seem like you could totally hang with us non-glam types. I like that about you:

Cameron Diaz



To have kept The Girly home from soccer tonight because I decided to heed the heat advisory but then went outside around the time her game would have started and realized the wind had swept away a good deal of the heat. Whoops!


To not be too concerned because we hadn’t eaten dinner yet and being home also afforded me the time I needed to make strawberry hand pies a la Martha Stewart.


To be really full from our dinner, but still want a warm strawberry hand pie, because mmmm:

They're essentially turnovers with a glaze. What's not to love, right?

They’re essentially turnovers with a glaze. What’s not to love, right?


To feel it was worthwhile staying up until 1:30 making strawberry freezer jam to put in these flaky wonders.


To have picked way more strawberries than we knew what the hell to do with this past weekend.



To have run my hand over my ankle this morning only to find a dried, bloody, bumpy spot that I didn’t remember cutting when shaving last night.


To have realized about an hour later (no idea why I waited that long to do something about it) that it was actually a hunk of strawberry that had hardened on my leg from my late-night berry processing flurry.


To have missed so many episodes of The Bachelorette that I’ve given up on catching up. Maybe I can find recaps on TV Without Shame. There are a couple guys I’m hoping are still in the running!


To need to stop now, because I went on and on about the stars with no make-up thing and there isn’t much room for other things now. Can’t help it. Love that stuff.



*Yes, I realize there are only three of you reading this. It’s quality, not quantity. You’re definitely quality. Mwah.


Airing My Dirty Laundry




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Occupation (or lack thereof)

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A recent conversation with my female OB/Gyn:


Gyno: So, do you have to go to work today?

Me: Nope–I don’t work. I’m still at stay-at-home mom. But my kids are both in school, so what the heck am I doing, right?

Gyno: Well, what do you do all day?

Me: I don’t know, really. I have a blog that I write on sometimes, and I do spend a decent amount of time on the computer.

Gyno: Don’t you ever get bored being home all day?

Me: Never.

Gyno: Well, is your house spotless?

Me: Pshhhh! No!

Gyno: Are you a fantastic cook?

Me: Nope. There are so many things I can’t eat, and I have picky kids, so I figure why bother.

Gyno: …


I also may have mentioned that my kids sometimes mention how much time I spend on the computer, though I did say I move away from it when they get home (mostly), so I may have temporarily halted her impending call to social services about a deadbeat mom.

Of course, when someone questions me like that I never think of anything good to say in return, but now that I’m not anywhere near her, I’d like to announce that my having stayed home with these kids and devoted Every. Waking. Moment. to them (sometimes non-waking moments) since the day they were not so easily brought into the world, (none of whom she delivered, by the way, so where the hell were YOU?!) I’ve earned every stinking moment I can steal for myself. Also, I’m not sure who does the laundry, dishes, or general household cleaning in her life, but here it’s all me.

So, yes, sometimes there are days like this:

did nothing today


Most days, though, I plod along and keep this ship running. To be sure, it’s less Donna Reed and more Frankie Heck, and that’s just fine by me.

So, all you judgy pants people can kindly suck it.

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Wordless Wednesday – Bird Poop Art

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Behold the Electric Guitar Turd

Behold the Electric Guitar Turd




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Movie Monday – Any Human Heart

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any human heart trioIf you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you may already know I love me some Mr. Darcy. Even if he isn’t really playing my beloved Mr. Darcy. Seeing the magnificent mug of Matthew MacFadyen onscreen is always a tic in the plus column for me when selecting a movie. In fact, Mr. Wombat enjoyed him very much in Britain’s MI-5 TV series, but I don’t think he gazes at him adoringly the way I do, imagining he’s professing his most ardent and undying love in the pouring rain.


Hang on. Need another moment with that image….


So then.

Any Human Heart.

This was the DVD version, but this seems to be a film adaptation of a BBC mini-series. So, naturally, in the editing process there were scenes they had to cut. These seemed like fairly important themes, and I did find myself reversing a bit through the film to see if maybe I’d checked for lint between my toes for an inordinate amount of time and somehow missed life-altering events in the character’s life.

Nope. They were just missing. Thank goodness for flashbacks. They did a decent job of filling in those glaring blanks.

Three actors play this character over his lifespan–Matthew MacFadyen covers the mid-life span, which of course I found most interesting, because, OMG Mr. Darcy.

I can’t say I always agreed with his life choices, but I don’t think that’s why we watch movies, is it? It was interesting to see what the character did with these choices and where he ended up in life.

Seeing Kim Catrall in this movie was a bit of a surprise for me–I just watched an interview and learned she was born in Liverpool! Who knew? I didn’t. Wasn’t a Sex in the City fan. They probably all knew. They probably all have better shoes that I have and can put together an outfit from binge watching that show. Me? Not so much. Maybe I should have watched.

Anyhoo, there was also a gentleman who plays a small part in here who I knew had played a character I’d loved in a movie before, but I



Place him.

Just figured it out today. LOVED this guy:


Oh, dear Mr. Collins. How you amuse me. You won’t find Tom Hollander playing a nervous nit in this film, but I was so glad to finally figure out where I’d seen him before!

Just watched an interview and learned it was a book first–now I may add that to my reading list. See if this short promo piques your interest:


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