When Your Dog Can’t Even Because of the Snow

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When winter arrives in these parts, Rummy loves nothing better than a good romp in the snow. She gallops around the yard, kicking up plumes of swirling powder as her bucking hind quarters attempt to clear the drifts.

There are days, though, when the temperatures dip to the teens or below, that she’s all business in the out of doors. This morning was one of those days:



Potty FAIL.


She got to the edge of the deck and decided, “Nah. I’mma just circle around a bit and go right here, mom. There’s snow here, so that’s cool, right?”

No. It is not cool, Rum. Not cool. *sigh*







Oh, Hai!

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Fancy meeting you here! [sweeps cobwebs off shoulder] Happy 2018! What have you been up to so far?

I’ve been hiding indoors from the cold and beating myself about the head and neck. Well, not literally. It’s more of an internal dialogue thrashing, really. The January doldrums certainly don’t help the negative mind chatter.

I did get a wonderful pep talk from a friend yesterday, though, and that helped to stop the negative tides from repeatedly pelting my over-feely feelers.

Then a Facebook friend posted a Little Things video on FB today, and it spoke a truth we probably all could stand to hear now and again. It was about the manner in which we speak to ourselves, and that most of what we say to ourselves we would never dream of saying to another human being. The woman asked some friends what kind of mean things they say to themselves. She then offered them a childhood photo of themselves and asked what they would say to her (or him). The words were much kinder.

The me (and you!) of today probably do deserve gentler words than we typically offer. I remember telling a boyfriend once, when he offered an unsolicited negative opinion on my clothing selection, that “I’m perfectly capable of tearing myself down, thanks. I don’t need your help.”

So say some nice things to yourself today and every day of the year. Compliment that outfit you put together or the fact that you did a load of wash. Go you!

I’ll get you started:  You there! Nice person who noticed I’d posted something for the first time in ages and toddled on over here for a gander–I think you’re pretty awesome! And not just because you’re here reading this. Well, that helps, because it tells me what a kind, supportive person you are. But you’re also just plain groovy.

Your turn!



Game Off! Game On… Game Off? Game on!

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I went to update my neglected site the other day and discovered, much to my horror, that my blog was no longer. It had disappeared from the Interwebs. Gone!

They tried to warn me of the impending disaster, but I had also neglected the email address associated with that account. Whoops! That inbox is a bit of an electronic scary pile–you never know what bills might be hiding in there until you start digging. Not a great system.

After contacting my Web hosting provider, I discovered that I am not always the best at adulting. To say I’m disorganized is an understatement. Which I pretty much already knew, but I don’t always having such shining examples of why I should figure out how to get my shiz together. This one was a doozy.

Shout out to the nice folks at Bluehost, whom I highly recommend for any Web hosting needs you may have. The content was gone, but they were able to find some backups to regenerate the content on my site. After a small hiccup in the regeneration process, they were able to make it happen, and I’m elated to be back and in one piece!

So a few things. School is on again, and the kids have to be there over an hour earlier than in years past. It. Is. Exhausting. I’m a night owl, so this is a huge transition for me, too. So that’s going on this week.

In other exciting news, I got to see a blog buddy this week as she drove cross country with her hubby to their new home on the east coast. Yay! Meet ups are the best!

I’ve updated my latest ear worm and book over in the right column here. I’m also listening to my annual fluff read (audio book) of a Janet Evanovich “Stephanie Plum” novel, which are always fun.

On the boob tube, they finally loaded Blacklist on Netflix, so Mr. Wombat and I can watch this past season. We fell behind and had to jump ship, so we’ve been waiting for them to become available. It’s nearly time for Outlander and Poldark to begin, too, so THAT is a bunch of eye candy I’m looking forward to. Finally, if you’re not watching The Good Place, get on that STAT! It’s on Netflix and Hulu (and bootleg versions of it are on Youtube), so no excuses!

The Wombat


Probably You Shouldn’t Ask Me to Do Your Makeup

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More Giggles With my Irish Friends

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There’s a version of this taste test circulating on the Interwebs where a family of four is at a table, and the dad is tasting this foul fish in a can that’s hilarious (warning: if you can’t handle hearing people gag and dry heave, this isn’t for you), but I thought this one topped it by an Irish mile. That isn’t even a thing, but it totally should be.

Word to the wise:  Don’t eat and watch this. And don’t watch it if your stomach is revolting on you today. You’re welcome.



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The Traveling Wombats!

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There was much to get excited about, so ready those exclamation points, people!

New York! Cleveland! Montreal! Quebec!





Let’s begin.

New York:

NBC Tour!


High-fiving Hil at Madame Tussaud’s!


Mr. Wombat’s new BFF, The Nekkid Cowboy!


NYC bagel!


Lion King (waiting for curtain to open)!


The Cleve:

Oh no! It’s… the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!


Googly fun at museum!


Googly fun at friends’ house!




Notre-Dame Basilica!


Canadian Brewski!


Bucket list hotel (Le Chateau Frontenac)!


This is totally not what I thought “rooftop view” meant!


Much better view from funicular down to Old Quebec City!


Gorgeous views of the St. Lawrence!


Funky architecture!


Bizarre items in hotel art gallery!



Lactose-free creme brulee in an… ashtray?!


More beautiful views (trying to make up for that lackluster hotel view)!


More googly fun!



Well, now you’re all caught up. And my exclamation point key needs a breather.

School’s out and we’re on the prowl for some summer fun. Niagara Falls, anyone?

What’s new with you? Where have you been lately?






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