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Here’s another moment of hilarity, courtesy of YouTube. I have to preface this by saying I was still laughing after having just watched it when the kids got home one day last week. The Girly wondered why I was laughing and I’d said I had just watched a funny video. She wasn’t buying it. She said it sounded like a case where you’re actually laughing at someone and you tell them you just thought of something funny to spare their feelings.

But I really was laughing at this.

Probably harder than I should have been.

It was going around the Interwebs as “the funniest thing ever on YouTube,” so I felt compelled to test the theory. Maybe not the funniest, but worth a hearty chuckle. Be sure to listen for laughter & commentary from the woman filming. That’s the best part. The kids didn’t find it all that amusing, but I was in uncontrollable hysterics yet again viewing it with them. I felt vindicated when Mr. Wombat had the very same reaction when he viewed it that evening:


They also didn’t find this funny, but I thought it was a really clever parody of Stressed Out by twenty one pilots. If you’ve never seen the original video (I had it in my Soundtrack of my Life feature a while back), I’ve put that under the parody. Watch the original first if you’ve never seen it.

It’s kinda like a prerequisite for a knitting class where they expect you to actually know how to knit and purl before you get there, but you looked at a quick YouTube video of how to knit to remind yourself and then you totally fess up in the class that you haven’t done a purl stitch since Dick Clark was dropping the ball. So I’ve done your homework for you. You’re welcome.


Stressed Out Parody






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Irish Moving Company

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A funny for your Monday. I feel like I can laugh along, since I’m pretty darn Irish myself. Probably best to have at least one sober mover, methinks.

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Realistic Resolutions

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Each year they surface on social media, news programs, in conversations with friends. January 1st = new year’s resolution time. They coincide quite neatly with the fresh start of the new calendar year, which represents a clean slate. Nevermind that you ate your weight in buttery sweet gingerbread presidential candidates in December.

I'm a huge snack sensation. HUUUGE!

I’m a huge snack sensation. HUUUGE!



I don’t know what difference it makes that the digits in the year have changed, but it’s right in line with every other clean start we make:  “Oh, I’ll start my diet on Monday.”  “I’ll kick off that exercise regimen at the beginning of next month.”

I guess we just like to have a definitive beginning date for our plan. An even start. It’s probably why we set up meeting times with people at the top, bottom, or quarter of the hour. Somehow saying, “I’ll meet you for coffee at 10:12” sounds ludicrous, but saying 10:15 makes you sound like the sanest person on the block. Also, thank you rapper Ludacris for making me totally forget the proper spelling of that word.



I do sometimes decide things like “Tomorrow I will stop sending unsolicited emails to famous people as if we’ve been friends for years.” Why wait for the beginning of the next week, right? But in the interest of climbing aboard that wonderful bandwagon of betterment, I typically do make mental notes of things I should attempt to change in the new year. Why not, right? I figure there’s probably lots of good juju in the air right now what with everyone declaring what perfect citizens they’ll be in 2016. At least until February hits, I figure.

So here, in no particular order, are a few of the things I’ve decided to do in 2016. Starting on a Tuesday. In the middle of the month:


  • Stop here more often
  • Have lawyer look at “restraining” stuff John Cena’s people sent
  • Enjoy more Tosh.0, because laughter is the best thing ever, and 12 seems like a respectable enough maturity level
  • Discover and spread the word about cool bands/ (Soundtrack of my Life on the right side of this page)
  • Rewatch every Seinfeld episode. Haven’t calculated yet how long this would take. May need to revisit this next year.
  • Make list of ways to mess with telemarketers, place next to phone
  • Stop making resolutions

What about you? Did you make any?












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Bowie in My Angsty Teen Years

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I’m one of many who will miss the talented and strikingly handsome David Bowie. I think I discovered Bowie through my oldest brother’s music collection. He was partial to the Ziggy Stardust era. I grew to love him as an artist and started my own Bowie section in my record collection. I spent a good many hours memorizing the lyrics to his songs. Surely no one understood my 9th grade angst quite like he did.

While I did enjoy Fashion and other tracks from this disc, I found myself gravitating toward the bookend tracks on his Scary Monsters LP: It’s No Game Part 1 was the first track on side 1, and It’s No Game Part 2 closed out the record at the end of side 2.

The polarity of the two left me transfixed, as if he started out the album spewing outrage and anger at an unjust world (The Japanese woman conveys the exact same message in her native tongue) about society and then ended the album with a mellower version of the same tune.

More like the smooth vocals we typically hear from him.

Less enraged, more matter of fact.

By Part 2, he sounds equally unhappy, but somewhat resigned as if he’s accepted the injustices as insurmountable. Listen for yourself:



I remember as a semi-sheltered teen thinking it was extremely cool that he was yelling “shut up!” at the end of the song. My mother, on the other hand, was not so amused or enamored of Mr. Bowie. Probably best she missed the whole Ziggy phase.




Another delightful aspect of this song is that Robert Fripp, of King Crimson fame, plays lead guitar. I didn’t realize that years ago, but I can fully appreciate it now. Adrian Belew and King Crimson (Adrian was lead singer/guitarist in the 4th iteration of King Crimson) are two of my all-time faves. AND Adrian toured with David Bowie. So many little bits of intertwined goodness here.

Another favorite of mine is Diamond Dogs. I nearly fell over a few weeks ago when Mr. Wombat told me he’d never heard it before. I found this shocking as I knew he was a Bowie fan, and he’s pretty knowledgeable about most bands. I’ve put a great cover of the tune by Beck in the right column under “Soundtrack of My Life” in case you’re interested in hearing it. Fantastic interpretation.

Did you have a favorite Bowie song?

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By Golly, There’s a Word for Us

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I just read about Empaths today, and I’ve never really put a name to the way I view the world, nor have I made a list that describes they way I see or feel things.

Turns out I didn’t have to. Someone else did it for me! While I don’t necessarily identify with all of these traits, it’s a fairly accurate snapshot that may help others better understand someone in his or her life who is cut from this cloth. Here is my modified list taken from this article.


Here are 22 empath traits that might suggest you are a highly sensitive person:

1. People point it out

You’ve been told all your life you are too sensitive, overly emotional, or wear your heart on your sleeve. People tell you that you pick up on cues or feelings they don’t even notice.

Not surprisingly, it’s the people who point out that you’re sensitive when you don’t enjoy their ribbing or sarcasm that really need to read this and attempt to understand empaths a bit better.

2. You feel other’s feelings

You’ve noticed how sensitive you are to the emotions of others. Even before they tell you how they are feeling, you already know. You can enter a room and have a sense of the general mood of the environment.

3. Negativity overwhelms you

Where others can tolerate raised voices, conflict, or anger, it sends you over the edge. You almost feel physically sick or in pain as a result of the negative energy around you. You crave peace and calm.

A to the men.

4. Being in crowded places overwhelms you

You don’t like being in malls, sporting events, airports or other public places with crowds of people. You feel suffocated and overly-excited. You can’t wait to leave.

5. Strong intuition

You seem to know things without being told. You sense what needs to be done or what’s about to happen. Your gut feelings nearly always prove to be correct.

I’ve tried to describe this before and failed. This helps.

6. Pain intolerance

More than others you know, you have a lower threshold for pain tolerance. You can’t stand getting shots, feeling nauseated, or dealing with a minor injury. You may even have had a doctor tell you to stop complaining so much.

7. You must have alone time

You need time every day with no sensory input. You want to withdraw to your room or another quiet place to recharge.

Not usually unless it was a particularly stressful day.

8. You avoid negative media images

You find it extremely disturbing to watch or read about tragic news events or see unpleasant images. It bothers you so much, you avoid looking at these images at all costs.

And that, ladies and gents, is why I rarely watch the news.

9. You can easily tell when someone is lying

All you need to do is look at their faces or listen to their tone of voice, and you know instantly whether or not they are telling the truth.

So don’t try it, buster. Plus, your pants may ignite.

10. You are more sensitive to stimulants/medications

Caffeine in particular makes you more anxious and agitated than the average person. You can never drink caffeine in the evening if you want to sleep. You often have reactions or side effects to medications.


11. You often show up with the symptoms of those around you

If someone close to you is sick or depressed, you will develop the same ailments.

12. You frequently have lower back and digestive problems

These are the result of dealing with negative and stressful situations and people. Your feelings show up as these physical symptoms.

The password is: GERD.

13. You are the dumping ground for the problems of others

People around you seem to gravitate toward you and unload all of their pain and problems on you. Because you are an empath, you feel compelled to help, even to your own detriment.

Maybe I need one of those window shades that says “Closed” for such occasions. 

14. You often feel fatigued

Because others take so much from you, you often feel drained of energy and extremely tired. You might even have chronic fatigue syndrome.


15. You have a very vibrant inner life

You are highly creative, imaginative, and loving. You may be involved in the arts or other creative pursuits. You feel close to animals and especially enjoy your relationship with your pets.

Do love m’pets!

16. You are sensitive to sounds and sensory feelings

Loud noises or sudden dramatic movements startle you. You also feel overwhelmed by bright lights, rough fabrics, and strong smells. You also notice very delicate smells, touch, and sounds.

OMG, the smells. Big and small. All of the smells. Also, the light on my iTouch at night is super low, and it’s still too flipping bright. Did I mention the smells?

17. You don’t like too many things at once

When you have to multi-task or have too much coming at you at once, you feel rattled and overwhelmed.

This wasn’t the case all my life, but these days it’s kinda, “All the things?”

18. You manage your environment

You create your living and working environment to accommodate your sensitivities. You arrange your schedule and commitments to avoid unpleasant, chaotic, or overly stimulating situations.

19. You don’t like narcissists

You are particularly bothered by people who put themselves first all the time and aren’t sensitive to the feelings of others.  You may even believe there’s something wrong with you or that you have some kind of emotional disorder.

20. You can almost feel the days of the week

Each day of the week has a specific “feel” to it. You notice when a Wednesday feels like a Saturday. You feel particularly heavy at the start of the work week. Even months and seasons have a particular feel.

Yes. Yes they do.

21. You are a great listener

People tell you this all the time. You listen consciously and know the right questions and comments to draw people out and make them feel heard.

I try.

22. You get bored easily

As an empath, you need to focus on work and activities that stimulate your creativity and passion. If you get bored, you resort to daydreaming, doodling, etc. However, you are still very conscientious and try hard to avoid making mistakes.

Whew! So it’s not ADD, then?


Are you an empath? If not, have you ever read a personality description you feel fits you?



On the Big Screen – Sisters

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I can’t call this a Movie Monday post, because it’s Tuesday, but it’s actually a Movie Monday post a day late. This happens sometimes. Potato, Puhtahto, Monday, Tuesday. Meh.

First, some moviegoing advice:  Leave about five hours early if you intend to see a movie the day after Christmas. It was bedlam, I tell you. We met early to have coffee and tea first, and by the time we sauntered across the street to the theatre, nearly every show was sold out for the foreseeable future. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but they were tacking up “sold out” signs every five minutes or so. We weren’t down for sitting around 2+ hours waiting for the next showing.

So we hit a different theatre. This one didn’t have reclining seats, but it did have the movie we wanted and by gosh we were there on time.

Sisters stars the dynamic duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and it is worth every penny you’ll fork over at the box office. Maybe women will appreciate this a bit more, but I imagine guys would get plenty of laughs out of it. It’s a great flick to see with girlfriends, though. This was yet another film I figured we’d seen all the funny bits in the trailers, but it was non-stop hysterical comedy from start to finish.

sisters movie


Oh, and John Cena was on hand to provide eye candy AND laughs, so for me it was like a twofer that just kept giving.

I’d still like to see Joy at some point–debating whether to catch it in the theatre or wait for video on that one. Have you seen it? What’s on your list?



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