Giddyup–She’s Back!

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Hey kids–Ms. Prancercise is back in the saddle, and she’s brought along a special (unnamed) friend. Who also has things going on in a certain region of his pants that she seemed to struggle with in her last video.

Great green beans. I don’t even know what to look at first here: Frightened horses fleeing for their lives? The artful game of “dodge the droppings?” Or the most obvious one–whatever it is that’s going on inside that zebra-print ensemble?

I’ll be scrubbing my eyes if anyone needs me.




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Happy Hellos

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I think the untimely departure of Robin Williams has struck a melancholy chord with anyone who has ever seen him perform on stage or screen. I hope he knew what joy he brought to the masses. I suppose even if he had, it wouldn’t have been enough to shake the demons he fought for so many years.

His humor gave some people moments of light from their own gripping darkness. Others he lifted to a higher level of being through his dramatic work. Still others simply found moments of levity in an otherwise stressful day when they settled in to watch him improvise like only Robin could do.

My childhood friends and I loved him when he debuted as Mork from Ork. As high schoolers, we were forever quoting a special of his where he said something to the effect of: “Fuck it, I’m going through–gotta get these pineapples to Hawaii!” I use that quote to this day, but I only recently tried to explain it to Mr. Wombat and had to dig deep in the recesses of mah brain to remember in what show I’d seen him say it. I think it was an old HBO special.

I suppose he’d probably prefer to see us laughing. I’d like to remember him with one of my favorite ways to greet friends and family: A hearty Mrs. Doubtfire Hello:

I think the party upstairs just got kicked up a notch.

Or ten.

Rest in peace.


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Saw a bitty flying thing whiz past me a few weeks ago and dashed in to get the camera for identification purposes (and so I could share it with you, because I think you’re the bees knees).

This was not a bee, but it seems to have knees. I think. Looked like a hummingbird the way it flew and the way it hovered to gather noms from these petunias.

Fortunately for me, another one came a callin’ a few days ago. This time it was kind enough to hang with the flowers until I could grab the camera. So thoughtful!

It acted like a hummingbird, but it didn’t look like one. See?

2014-07-29 18.23.53-1 - Copy



2014-07-29 18.24.17


2014-07-29 18.24.52 - Copy


2014-07-29 18.24.54


2014-07-29 18.24.56 2014-07-29 18.24.58-2 - Copy


2014-07-29 18.25.00

What, do you ask, is this thing? It’s a hummingbird moth:



So cool!


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While I Was Out Shopping: All About the Food

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Seems like most shopping trips involve food in one form or another. Either there’s a section for it in that store or I’m wearing it on mah shirt. Either way, there’s no avoiding the oddball foodstuffs that await you even in your friendly neighborhood Tergit.

That’s where I spied these abominations nestled a bit too cozily with Betty Crocker and Company.

Don’t step on my Blue Suede what now?

Slice me off another wedge and don't skimp on the frosting, 'Cilla.

Mmm. Slice me off another wedge and don’t skimp on the frosting, ‘Cilla.


Somewhere there’s an enigmatic musical genious enjoying this colorful confection on a Paisley plate:

0621141708b - Copy



If only this were also capable of hiding my overlapping middle:

Honey, have you seen the cake anywhere?

Honey, have you seen the cake anywhere?



Dear Oreos, please stop with the crazy flavors. Just. Stop. It.

Seriously. You could have just quit after the vanilla ones.

Seriously. You could have just quit after the vanilla ones. We don’t need 80 flavors of Oreos.



So, this is the kind of bacon I used to buy, but I found it was often riddled with bone fragments. Not to mention I’m trying to avoid nitrates. On this day, I was also trying to avoid BOTULISM:


Today’s Special: Food Poisoning! I’ve actually had an open pack of this on my counter for a few days and it remained pink. This stuff is brown, people. Run for your lives!



This is one of the froyo places in town. It was lunch hourish, and I couldn’t believe we were the only people there. It was like stepping into Willy Wonka’s kitchen. Those tubes at the tables were filled with colorful candy that I totes wanted to dive into.

Ooh, and one of their toppings was adorable little cubes of rice krispy treats. Holy everlasting gobstopper, were they a deelish addition to my froyo masterpiece. I totally wanted to marry them. Or at least court them in a very wholesome “Amish couple a-courtin’ in a carriage” kind of way:

I expected to hear the Oompa Loompas start singing at any moment.

I expected to hear the Oompa Loompas start singing at any moment.



Speaking of candy, I found the mother of all Tootsie Pops:

How many bites does it take to get to the center of this sucka?

How many licks (bites) do you think it would take to get to the center of this sucka?



On the other end of the spectrum, I also found the cutest dang box of Club crackers* the world has ever laid eyes on:

2014-07-22 14.20.50

Who is the cutest widdle cwacker box? You are! Yes you are. You’re a cute widdle boxy woxy!



This one skeered me a little:

Wait, what?

Wait, what?



And finally…

2014-08-01 13.13.33





We are closed now. You go.



*Adorable, teeny widdle cheese slices sold separately.

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Bathroom Update!

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We actually finished this about a month ago, but it took me forever to get something on the window. I had a piece of drawing paper taped up there for that extra Klassy look.

Our powder room had a frog theme before. They were patterned after this book:


A friend of ours had painted their daughter’s bedroom with huge frogs from this book, and I loved it (it was also a favorite picture book of mine). I had her turn our powder room into a tiny swamp (I’d started removing the paper they were painted on when I thought to take these pictures):

There were a few of these around the room...

There were a few of these around the room…


And a bunch of these...

And a bunch of these…


Can't forget the terlit paper holder.

Can’t forget the terlit paper holder.


Then we added in assorted frog-themed things:

towel rod


And still more frog tchotchkes (there were soooo many more of these over the years, and I’ve been whittling down the collection):

This stuff multiplies once people know you have a themed room.

This stuff multiplies once people know you have a themed room.


So, here’s the downside of this remodel post. I didn’t even think to take the same before and after shots. Derp. I mainly focused on the frogs. How lame of me.

The photo above (with the tchotchkes) should give you an idea of the vanity–it was a two-door oak jobber with a forest green formica counter that ran wall-to-wall (roughtly 36″ wide) in a recessed area. There was a huge, plain mirror (no frame) above it. Ooh–I think I have a pic of that. Hang on.

Hrm. I guess it’s just a shot of me in front of the hideous mauve miniblinds that covered the window over the terlit, but at least there’s that. Oh, and it’s me with mah fake lashes on. Good times:

wombat lashes


The lights were ugly as sin. They looked just like the ones in the other bathrooms, so I took a pic of those for you and then realized the whole setup is nearly identical to what the powder room looked like:

Some of the frog things made it to this bathroom

Some of the frog things made it to this bathroom

Pretend I've cleaned this m'kay?

Pretend I’ve cleaned this m’kay?


Anyhoodles, you get the idea.

Now for the big reveal of the new powder room!

New powder vanity


Lights off so you can see the fixture:powder lights off


Lights on!Powder mirror and lights


Ditched the faint pink room paint (they also didn’t know enough to do the trim in a different color–blergh) and the mauve miniblinds and got ourselves a “comfort height” terlit:

powder terlit and shades

Still need to get rid of that frog garbage can


I don’t care much for the comfort height, as I think it’s really only comfortable for those over six feet tall. The rest of us have our legs swinging in the breeze.

Too much info?

I’m just so happy the dang thing flushes when and what it’s supposed to.

Way too much info?

My apologies. I’m just excited to finally have a modern look to the room. I was extra proud to have picked out the tile style and do the math to cut them to the size and design I wanted. Love my pebble accent strip. We finally have sleek, brushed nickel hardware to replace the clunky ceramic *pink* terlit paper holder/towel rod. Ooh, and the terlit paper holder is one of the new ones that swings open for easy refills. Too much terlit talk?

Very well, I’m done.

That’s the remodel, kids! I still need to pick out artwork for the walls, but all in due time.



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All Things Glass

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You know that Corningware you use to bake your famous broccoli surprise casserole? We live pretty near the place where it’s made, and they have a wonderful museum for kids of all ages. Actually, kids under 18 are free, I believe, so just the big kids have to pay to get in.

They have demos going all the time about all things glass, there are gorgeous displays and hot glass shows, among other things. We like going there so much, we became members last summer. Of course, the timing of their huge renovations isn’t ideal, as we’ll have let our membership lapse when it is completed. Huh. You’d think they could have consulted us on that.

They have this great program called “You design it, we make it!” People of all ages can turn in these sheets upon arrival and wait to see if your name is called during your visit to let you know your piece was selected. The Girly said she thought she might have heard Mister Man’s name called while we were in the gift shop trolling for things we could never begin to afford treasures, but she wasn’t sure. Here was his drawing:

Mister Man glass drawing


They HAD called his name and they brought his drawing to life! Here’s the finished glass masterpiece in sparkling 3-D realness:

They texturized both sides of the leaves as well as the trunk. Much prettier in person!

They texturized both sides of the leaves as well as the trunk. They made a sand-like base for full effect!


Sadly, we didn’t get to see his piece being made, as we were taking a short break to fill our big maws with yummy food at our favorite supermarket cafe.

At the conclusion of the hot glass show we attended after dinner, they gave away two finished pieces from the previous day’s shows (they need to anneal in the kiln overnight to strengthen the glass). The Girly and I eyeballed all the pieces lined up at the front of the stage, and we both picked pieces we hoped to win. Hers was selected to give away and Mr. Wombat had the winning ticket number! It was a lucky night for the Wombat family, to be sure. Here is the vase The Girly had her eye on:

Lily vase edit


We also made some things while we were there. Mister Wombat created this patriotic ornament:

red white blue ornament edit


The Girly blew all her hot air into this pretty sculpture:

Girly sculpture edit


I had made this nightlight during our previous visit, but the blue piece on the top-right corner fell off when they went to put it in the kiln (and the adjacent yellow line moved). I emailed to ask if they allow do-overs when their kiln people mess up a piece. They said yes, so I did mine over. Here was the original (I think I still like it better):

original nightlight

And the second try:

new nightlight

Mister Man also did some flame work and fired a cool bead. I guess I’ll have to put a picture of that up later, since he’s gone to bed and I don’t want to keep him up digging for it on his dresser.

If you’re ever in New York State, add the Corning Museum of Glass to your tour schedule. It’s fun for the whole family!

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