NaBloPoMo FAIL – Pretend This is Monday

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Let’s also pretend that I’ve been posting every day this month. I think I’m throwing up the white flag on the every day thing, but at least this gets me to post more often.

Glass half full, right?

This was going to be a Movie Monday entry yesterday (because it sounds better than Movie Tuesday–although that sounds like Ruby Tuesday which reminds me of the Rolling Stones tune but also makes me hungry, because it’s a restaurent. Can you see why it’s hard for me to get anything done?), but the day got away from me and I’mma post it today. Because movies are not limited to Mondays, my chickens.

Usually when I turn on the hair dryer, Rummy comes upstairs to visit me. She seems to like to have her moment in the warm air. She typically sits down in front of me and then I tell her when she’s done. This time, I think the filming of it freaked her out a little. I pet her with my free hand wherever I’m pointing the warm air, so this wasn’t the usual love scene I get!

I ran the dryer for a few minutes before she appeared:


There it is. My hair-dryer-lovin’ dog. You may now carry on knowing that you’ve witnessed vital footage today.


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While I Was Out Shopping: The Too Much of a Good Thing Edition

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When fall arrives, the onset of all things pumpkin quickly follows. I felt like the array of pumpkin items came marching in a bit prematurely this year, but considering the fact that Christmas has broken out all over in early November, this is not a shocking revelation. Pumpkin spice has somehow been dubbed the flavor of fall, as hipsters belly up to the coffee bar to get their autumnal caffeine fix.

The past couple years, however, some companies have just gone a bit nutty over the whole pumpkin thing. I mean, some products you can totally get behind, like these:

They're handheld pumpkin pies. I get that. Not buying it, but I get it.

They’re handheld pumpkin pies. I get that. It’s a logical limited edition flavor for a tart. Not buying them, but I get it.



I'll eat pumpkin pancakes any day of the year. Delish.

I’ll eat pumpkin pancakes any day of the year. Delish.

BTW, Trader Joe’s pumpkin pancake & waffle mix is scrumsch. Highly recommend.



There are some things that should not take on seasonal flavors, and potato chips is one of them. I mean, seriously? Please stick with the original and we’ll all get along just fine:

Any regular chip flavor is cool. But these? Gag.

Any standard chip flavor is cool: BBQ, Cheddar, Sour Cream & Onion. But these? NO.



pumpkin m&ms

I can do the white chocolate candy corn M&M’s, but this here is a big nope for me. Nope, nope, nope.



I'm almost tempted by this one. I couldn't commit to a whole bag to find out, tho.

I’m almost tempted by this one, but I can’t commit to a whole bag to find out.



Maybe, MAYBE if they'd left the filling white like it is in a pumpkin roll. No to the brown filling.

Maybe, MAYBE if they’d left the filling white like it is in a pumpkin roll, I could get behind this one. But I’mma just say no to the beigy filling.



Ugh. It was brilliant when you made cheddar Chex Mix, but this is all kinds of wrong. Nopity nope.

Ugh. It was brilliant when you made Cheddar Chex Mix, but this is all kinds of wrong. Nopity nope.



Okay, Peeps. We get that you want to be a part of every holiday, but we're calling bullshit in this one. There should be one Peep flavor. That is... um, the flavor of Peeps! So, nah.

Okay, Peeps. We get that you want to be a part of every holiday, but we’re calling bullshit in this one. There should be one flavor of Peeps. That is… um, Peep flavor. So, nah. Make these go away. Posthaste.




This is like taking that nasty pumkiny toothpaste flavor and making it last for an EXTRA long time, which should be illegal. You are officially under arrest for this extra stupid idea.

Pumpkin pie is my favorite. I do like some pumpkin-flavored things. But do I want that flavor to last in mah maw for an EXTRA long time? Nope. Yuck. You are officially under citizen’s arrest for this extra stupid idea.



What pumpkin spice arrests have you been tempted to make this fall?





Birthday Girl

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Rummy turned two today! We got her when she was almost 10 months old last year. Was it really only last year? It feels as if she’s been here so much longer.

We missed this stage, but we’re glad to have a few photos of it to know what you looked like when you were tiny:

OMG, the cuteness right here.

OMG, the cuteness right here.

She started out scared of Mr. Wombat and clinging to me, but it didn’t take her too long to fall head over heels for him. Now she loves him best. And we love her. She’s such a delight!

She got some new toys today and went out for ice cream. I think she gave it two dew claws up.

Happy  birthday, Rummy!



Artsy Fartsy

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I was looking at the small handful of photos I took during yesterday’s museum trip and wondered about a few of the pieces. There were creepy ones like this that I texted to a friend with the caption, “I’m going to steal your soul!”

Brains! I like brains!

Brains! I like brains!

What’s up with the Flashdance neck on that dress, anyway?



This outdoor sculpture made from stainless steel looked like a million nails in the form of a precious foal. The artist even captured the sweet face and wispy mane. Incredible!




I would love to have this stained glass piece in my house. Window, door, whatever it adorned, it would make the world look lovely no matter the weather:

stained glass


The best part was the intricate color work you can witness up close:

partial stained glass



Then, of course, there were your random paintings that were one or two blocks of color that invariably find you declaring, “I could have done this.” You know you’ve said that at least once in a museum.

I also don’t really get the splatter work of artists like Jackson Pollock. There was one there, and it’s lost on me.

But this–this yard sale (yes, the sign indicated that was one place this artist procured the elements for his pieces) curbside special is just something in its own category:




trash art


I mean, what went on here that any museum would declare this a work of art? Also, grandma called. She wants her rosary beads back.

Sheesh. Maybe it isn’t just the kids–perhaps I’m too immature to go to the art museum!

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Time for Some Zzzzzzz’s

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So if you read my last post about the talent show, you know it came to a close yesterday. It was so much hoopla, I clean forgot to post. Can I backdate these things? I was thinking about posting yesterday. Does that count?

Alright, I wasn’t.

I was busy singing along in my head to “I Have Confidence” from the Sound of Music the way Maria would have sung it, because this girl was talented, but the, um… confidence wasn’t there. Seriously! I did, however accost her in the hall after the show to tell her she wouldn’t believe how excited I was that she picked a song from The Sound of Music and that she did a great job. She even had a carpet bag and guitar in a soft case. Adorbs. I think the fact that A) I’m a total stranger, and B) Was probably far more excited about her song choice than I should have been might have frightened her a bit.

A few days earlier when I asked one of the magicians a question during rehearsal, he seemed visibly shaken by my wanting to converse with him. I just wanted to know how freaking long they all had to stay. I was not asking to put his severed head in a bag, but that’s pretty much what his body language was screaming. I told his mom he was probably muttering “Stranger danger!” to himself as he scampered down the hall away from the over-friendly mom who totally forgot to introduce herself.

In fact, after both shows, I felt the need to congratulate all the kids whom I thought did particularly well. Most of them did not know me, though they accepted my enthusiastic compliments with grace.

I may or may not find a poster of myself in the main office come Monday.

Wombat Wanted Poster



At one point, I was telling the girl who sang “No Rain” by Blind Melon (who tooootally should have dressed up as Bee Girl but tooootally didn’t) that she had some really awesome skeleton tights on. Her mom was pretty stoked to hear that. She must have run her tail off looking for them. Because that’s what moms do. Then The Girly elbowed me for talking to the girl because apparently she is her *hairwhip* enemy.

Whatevs. She had really cool tights on.

Now I’m sorry I didn’t ask the mom where she got them, because I totes want a pair for next year. Or my next job interview. Whichever comes first.

Today we went to one of my faaaavorite stores, Arhaus, and used a coupon we got for financing our new couch. We had our eye on a dreamy soft throw blanket, but we were sure they wouldn’t have any when it came time to finally receive our coupon. Alas! The Girly jumped up on a bed there and noticed she had landed on the very blanket we were seeking! Totally by happenstance. Well, if that wasn’t meant to be, I don’t know what was. So I marched that thing right up to the counter and claimed it as ours.

We then enjoyed some yummy noms at a favorite organic eatery and moved on to the art museum where we found it’s not as exciting to visit without our friend the art teacher who makes everything way more dang fun in places like that.*

That’s a wrap for this Sunday. Dog’s nails and paw pad fur (between the pads) are trimmed, Mister Man’s hair is cut, grocery shopping is done, and huh. I guess I still have a few things on the list. Better dash.




*Mental note: No more kids at art museums for a while


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A Talented Bunch

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I feel as if the past few weeks have been driven by The Girly’s schedule surrounding the middle school talent show that’s taking place this weekend. She and a couple friends have been practicing on their own for weeks, and then more formally at school for a couple more. This involved many late dinners and even later homework and ri-d-d-donkulous bedtimes.

Which always = cranky for her.

Then, like dominoes,  it’s also = cranky for me.

Especially when I stay up late combing Pinterest for hours for that one picture I saw of a cut-up t-shirt design we liked.

Quite frankly, I don’t know how these parents of show choir kids or travel sports teams do it week after week.

But tonight? It was the real deal. And there was a surprising amount of talent emimating from that stage. One girl sang Blind Melon’s “No Rain,” and she was good, but I wish she’d dressed up like the Bee Girl from the video:

blind melon


Tomorrow’s the second and final show, and I’ll be relieved to have The Girly’s schedule back to normal where I’m nagging about homework and violin practice. Which I will be doing heavily, particularly after seeing a girl play some pretty mean violin at the show tonight!


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