Monday… Tuesday?

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Today I turned another year older. It’s interesting to think about: We don’t feel the full impact of that new number until they day the dial clicks squarely onto that new digit.

Three months ago, I was three quarters of the way to this new number but felt no more worse for the wear. Heck–yesterday I still felt the easy breezy feel of last year’s number.

Today I now feel like I need to connect to and own this new number, and I don’t feel it fits me well.

Almost as if its sleeves are cut a shade too narrow, or the fabric is better suited to someone 10 years my elder.

So instead of fixating on the number, I’ll focus on the day itself. My family and friends made me feel very loved and lucky. This was one of my gifts from a friend, and its sunny color and positive words will be a great way to start my days–and a new number:

glass half full

I see by my clock that it’s already tomorrow. I wonder if this counts for Monday’s post if I began writing it then?



Go Ask Google

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On a recent Google search, I saw a list of questions other people were asking. It turned out to be surprisingly entertaining:


How to stop the rare bugs on the trees from make a weird sound?

Ask them nicely?


How to Raise a White-Faced Capuchin Monkey?

I hope this person isn’t nervously awaiting a quick answer while staring at a cheeky little White-Faced Capuchin Monkey on his kitchen counter.


Why does glass not glitter but diamond does?

Buddy, she’s going to know if it’s a fake. Just get her the expensive ring and move on.


How much trouble will you get in if you get caught spray painting on an abandoned building?

Maybe joining that gang isn’t your thing if you need to ask.


Why girls nowadays shaved their eyebrow, and draw back on it?!?

I think if she only had one brow, that might have been the easiest route.


My tablet wont turn on. Why?

It’s mad at you. Try apologizing and press the on button again.


What will happen in the end?

Bob will wake up and realize the whole Newhart show was a dream. Whoops–spoiler alert.


Got a question?

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Nostril Marks on the Window

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I’ve been seeing a lot of articles lately on introverts, so I decided to take a quiz or two to see which side of the fence I fall on: Introvert or extrovert?

The first quiz said I was a balance of both. I agree with that assessment, since I like to go out, but it sometimes takes convincing to get me out of my cozy cocoon. I’m almost always glad I’ve gone, unless it was to a party where I don’t know a lot of the attendees. That begs for an early exit. I suppose that’s true for most people, though.

Spending time with people I know and love? Fun with a captial F. Always up for that. Googly eyes optional.



The second quiz said this about me:

Introverted – You are smart and reflective. You think before you speak and take joy in having a small, close-knit group of friends. Sure, you need some time to recharge after being super social, but that doesn’t mean you hate socializing. In fact, you’re the best person to hang with one-on-one.

Huh. I wish I had the good sense to think before I speak. That would allow my foot to remain on terra firma where it belongs, instead of planted in my maw where it often ends up. I also love nothing more than playing a spirited game with a group that ends with everyone dissolving in hysterical laughter.

I do, in fact, enjoy having a small group of close friends. Unlike true introverts, though, I don’t need time to recharge after being social. It energizes me. Maybe after a busy weekend I’d enjoy a quiet one, but who wouldn’t?

Maybe I’m not actually on the fence, but next to it, since Mr. Wombat I have always enjoyed meeting neighbors at our fence for a chat. Same was true at our last house.

The extrovert in me might see someone outside and have an overwhelming urge to run out and talk to them, because it’s been so long since we’ve had the chance to do so.

Or maybe I chatted with them just yesterday. Doesn’t matter.

I might dart outside to see their dog as they walk by. I’ll sometimes see Mr. Wombat chatting at the fence and wander out to join him, because, OMG, there is chatting going on without me. I resist the urge to gallop out to greet them, because obviously.

As someone with extroverted tendancies, it’s hard to imagine someone not enjoying chatting without a specific purpose. I understand it’s unpleasant if a person doesn’t know when to stop chatting, but I’m talking about regular give-and-take conversations.

So, dear introverts, please keep this in mind. Your semi- or very extroverted friends thrive on conversations with friends. When you’re outside, we’re likely leaving nostril marks on the windows trying to refrain from sprinting outside to talk to you, for fear of looking desperate.

We just really enjoy your company, and we’re very sorry it’s draining on you. Truly. It’s just a really hard thing for us to compute, what with our noses compressed against glass and all.

Introvert? Extrovert? Doesn’t matter to me. If we connect, I’ll always run out to meet you at the fence.




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The Littlest Library

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Oh my gosh, I’m posting this one just under the wire! We finally started watching Blacklist on Netflix tonight, and we can already tell it’s going to be a binge fest. Such a great show. So I’m a little late doing this, but I made it before the clock struck 12. Woo hoo!

So, I’ve been driving by this thing for years and never noticed it until a few weeks ago. I finally pulled over today to have The Girly take a picture of it so I could share it here. It just sits in front of someone’s house next to the mailboxes. It had books for kids and adults. Is this not the cutest thing?

Squee! Christmas lights! Looks doubly adorbs at night!

Squee! Christmas lights! Looks doubly adorbs at night!



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Out My Window

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Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop writing prompt #3: Write a haiku about what you see out your window. Haikus are like potato chips. Of course, I couldn’t write just one.

The Great Lakes equal grey skies

In winter, moods dip

Time for a Florida trip?


Enough snow to make things slow

Not enough to play

Still better than Buffalo


Starlings here to roost again

Fun to watch them fly

Ew–what’s that stuff on your head?


Mama’s Losin’ It

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Wordless Wednesday – I Mustache You a Question

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Can I shave it for later?

Can I shave it for later?

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